Hell-o again! My name is Yongsi and I'm a web designer based in Singapore. I graduated from Monash University with a Bachelors degree in Multimedia Systems in late 2006. Thereafter, I returned to work as a designer in Singapore. My 3 year degree course equipped me with a vast skillset covering design, programming, animation, film & audio as well as media management but my main interest and focus lies with web design.

I picked up Photoshop, taught myself html & css off the web and purchased my first domain in 1999. After college at Anglo Chinese Junior College, I was studying for a Bachelor of Computing at the National University of Singapore before deciding my heart was in web design, subsequently bringing me to Monash's School of Multimedia.

It's been a long journey and everyday and day I'm still striving to learn and better my skills. Visually, I lean toward simple designs & strong colors, though I'm constantly opening up and learning new styles. Some of my favourite sites online include hungrysuitcase.com (offline), orisinal.com and veerle.duoh.com. My understanding of programming has helped me heaps as a designer as I believe that to acheive optimum functionality & efficiency of a website, one has to find a balance between it's visual asthetics and the programming that will support it.

In my spare time, I look at and get inspiration from random sites through stumbleupon.com. I do some laser sailing as well and have just completed a part-time painting course at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.